Facilities on site

Appearance Sawanocho House is exposed concrete building by famous architect.
If you are interest in architect’s design and art, please come to stay here.

Reception Front and shared space is on the 1st floor.
You can enjoy the seasonal trees from many windows.

Western style 1 double bed and 1 double FUTON.
Spacious bathroom. Toilet , bathroom was separated.

Japanese style Spacious tatami room that you can relax at slowly.
Private balcony with mini garden.

In 1930's style A healing room with retrospective furniture where light comes from windows.

Japanese modern style Wide space that you can spend happily with your family.
Enjoy café on private balcony.

House Rule

Check-in / Check-out

●Check-in / 4:00pm~11:00pm
Please take off your shoes in the entrance and put them into the shoebox.

●Check-out / 10:00am
Check-out time may be extended at additional cost.
(Please contact the front. Extention until 1pm.)

Internet access

Wi-Fi is available-throughout the building

Smoking is prohibited

Smoking is prohibited at all guest rooms ,the public spaces and balcony

Point to notice

There is no elevator.
Due to the characteristics of the building, there is a veranda,
a colonnade, a stairway. It is not safe for children, so be sure to act with adults and be careful as you please.

When leave the room

・Lock the door and manage the valuables on your own.
・Turn off the electricity and airconditioning. Close the window.
・When you lose the key we charge actual cost.
・Please return the room key when you are checking-out.

Prohibited matter

・Taking away any property in this house.
・Please consider other guests and neighborhood.(talking too loud, listening music loud)
・Party,fireworks,BBQ and use of firearms.
・Shedding things other than paper attached to the toilet
・Non-guests are not allowed in the guest rooms.
・No pets allowed.


・Please put your garbage in the trash can.
 When there are a lot of garbage,please put it in the trash can on the corridor at the second floor.
    Be taken out the garbage out of the accommodation is prohibited.
・Don’t throw them away from the window.
・Keep clean your room by yourself. (There is a vacuum cleaner on the corridor on the second floor.)

When damaged facility

we charge cost of repairs.

When notice a fire breaking out

please call the frontdesk immediately.Phone call 119.


Observe the house rules in order to respect each other and spend comfortably.
Please ask us if you have any questions.

Sawanocho House
Add: 2-5-10 tonotsuji sumiyoshi-ku Osaka