In 2017 spring, this facility was born as approved accommodation in Osaka. You cannot see such a unique appearance.
This building, in fact it was built 30 years ago. However, it still keeps the originality. Located along historic road.
There is a famous shrine Sumiyoshi Taisha in neighborhood.

House characteristics

01 Certified

This accommodation was certificated by Osaka city. All rooms have bathroom, mini kitchen and Wi-Fi. They are enough big up to 5 guests. You can stay safely based on the Fire Service Law.

02 Access

Sawanocho Sta. is in front of my accommodation. It is near to the center of the city.
So you can visit to each point very conveniently.
It takes about 15min. to Namba Sta.
 50min. to Kansai Airport.
 45min. to USJ.
It takes about 15min. by walk to Nagai Stadium(concert, soccer, other events)
It is easy to go to Koyasan World heritage.

03 Hospitality

Popular points in Osaka sightseeing are Namba, Dotonbori, Umeda and Osaka castle.
In addition to those, we will introduce you some of the Local high lights.
We are always here, so please ask me some questions at anytime.
We will support you can enjoy to stay in Osaka City.
Here is a downtown of friendly atmosphere, please make yourself at home.